WooCommerce: Work Out the First Action a Global Variable Can Be Accessed From

WooCommerce uses a number of global variables, if you’ve spent any time looking at code snippets then you’ll often see code like this global $product; Which is used to get a reference to the current product that is being displayed, typically on the shop screen or the single product page. Recently whilst looking through the … Read more

How to Learn WooCommerce Development

When I first started learning WooCommerce development I was struck by the lack of resources that took you through what you need to learn in order to become a competent WooCommerce developer. If you search for WooCommerce development tips online you’ll mostly find code snippets which solve a specific problem but don’t really give you … Read more

What Does <?=?> (Question Mark Equals) Do In PHP?

Some times when looking at WordPress or WooCommerce code you might see something like this <?php $value = “Hi there!”; ?> <div>     <strong><?=$value?></strong> </div> The very simple example above would render the following to the screen So what is the  <?=$value?> code doing? From the example above you might have worked out that <?=$value?> is shorthand for writing … Read more