How to remove “Sticky Add-To-Cart” and “Product Pagination” from the Storefront Woocommerce Theme

What are “Sticky Add-To-Cart” and “Product Pagination”? Hmmm, they’re not all that easy to describe. If you go to the single product page in the Storefront child theme you’ll see some floating images towards the far right and left of the screen, they look like this. If you hover over one of the images then … Read more

do_action and add_action in Woocommerce and WordPress

It’s quite hard to give an easy to understand definition of what do_action and add_action do, so I’m just going to launch straight into some code and hopefully, the purpose of the two methods will become clear reasonably quickly. Here’s a very simple example of do_action

If we add the code above to a … Read more

How to Create a Simple WordPress Plugin

Creating a WordPress Plugin might seem like a complicated task, but it can be done in a few simple steps. Here’s how. In your WordPress directory create a new directory under the “wp-content” -> “plugins” directory. In the example above I’ve created a directory named “hwn-text-replacer”, once a directory has been created we need to … Read more