A Guide to the WooCommerce wc_get_template Function

What Does the WooCommerce wc_get_template Function Do? The wc_get_template function can be used to display the contents of template files. The function allows you to pass values into the templates which can then be displayed as part of the template. The function also allows templates to be over ridden either in themes or plugins. A … Read more

What Does <?=?> (Question Mark Equals) Do In PHP?

Some times when looking at WordPress or WooCommerce code you might see something like this <?php $value = “Hi there!”; ?> <div>     <strong><?=$value?></strong> </div> The very simple example above would render the following to the screen So what is the  <?=$value?> code doing? From the example above you might have worked out that &lt;?=$value?&gt; is shorthand for writing … Read more