Learning WooCommerce Development By Example

“I want to learn WooCommerce development, but I don’t know where to start”

WooCommerce is everywhere at the moment and there are a lot of development opportunities for freelancers and full time developers, but it’s hard to get a handle on what exactly you need to know in order to become a proficient WooCommerce developer.

There are a lot of WooCommerce resources on the internet, but it’s hard to know what’s still relevant and where to find reliable code samples that work and explanations that walk you through everything you need to know for a deep understanding.

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“All I can find is mish-mash of information, it’s hard to know what I need to concentrate on to become a good WooCommerce developer”

You could spend weeks going through blog posts and tutorials but still not fully understand how everything fits together.

Often you’ll be tasked with accomplishing a task and it’s hard to know where to start, you might be able to find a few lines of code that say they do 80% of what you need but it’s hard to work out how to add the extra 20% and be confident that you’ve done a good job.

What if you were walked through the things you need to know to get started?

What if you had access to examples of how to solve the most common WooCommerce development tasks and you were walked through the code required step by step so you had a complete understanding of the process, an understanding that will stand you in good stead for multiple projects in the future.

As long as your Google skills are good you can probably find a snippet that will fix your latest issue, but what if the snippet doesn’t do exactly what you require? Wouldn’t it be great if you could adapt the snippet quickly to your requirements rather than leaving a comment and hoping of the blog author could help you out?

Finding snippets on the internet can only take you so far. Snippets might tell you the “what” but it does not explain to you “why”. Developing with so little knowledge feels like you are flying blind. You are doing something but you don’t know if it will work, and you’re worried that you won’t have the knowledge . This book is different.

Give a person a fish ( code snippet) and you give them a way to solve the immediate problem; teach a person to fish (write their own code snippets) and they could be solving problems  (and feeding themselves) for a lifetime.

This book is about learning how to fish. This book is about becoming confident in your ability to solve WooCommerce issues without relying on guess work and  Google searches.

You need not spend months researching what you need to learn to start WooCommerce programming. You can quickly learn how to make the changes you need to a WooCommerce store without getting a PhD in Computer Science. You can have a good understanding of  how to make changes to your or somebody else’s WooCommerce site within a few hours with this book.

What is inside?

The book firstly takes you through the essential knowledge you’ll need to make changes to a WooCommerce store. It then walks you through numerous examples which will give you a good understanding of how to modify a WooCommerce store, all the examples are fully explained so you will be able to take your learning and use it on future projects and modifications.

The book

learning woocommerce development by example

This is an e-book with around 250 pages, it is split into 4 sections

The Basics – In this section we go through what you’ll need to know to modify WooCommerce using code, we walk through how to use actions and filters  and also look at setting up a development environment and creating child themes. We then look at multiple code examples that how you how to modify a WooCommerce store.

The Checkout –Having looked at the purchasing process and the cart in “The Basics” section, this section takes take a look at how to change the checkout process to suit your needs.

Order Confirmation, My Account and Users – In this section we’ll take a look at functionality that supports the customer after
they have made a purchase by looking at the order confirmation and “My Account” functionality.

The Admin Area – Having looked at all aspects of  front end functionality in the preceding sections of this book. The final section takes a look at how we can add functionality to improve the day to day experience of a store’s admin users.

Buy the Book now for $29

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How long is the book?
The book is around 250 pages long.

What format does the book come in?
This is an ebook. No print version for now. The book is in pdf format.

Is this book right for me?

This book is perfect for:

People looking to make modifications to their WooCommerce store
People who want a better understanding of how WooCommerce development works
Freelancers looking to improve their understanding of WooCommerce to get more paid work
People using WooCommerce version 3 or above.

This book isn’t a good fit for:

People not expecting to do some further research, the book has plenty of examples and we’re confident it will improve your WooCommerce knowledge, but it’s not possible to provide an example for every occasion. What you learn in the book should help you research topics that are not covered in the book though.
People using a version of WooCommerce that is below version 3.

How can I buy the book?
You can buy the book through my e-commerce provider (Gumroad). That is the only place where the book is available.
The book is not available on Amazon.

What if I’m not happy with the book?

You can get your money back within 30 days of purchase. If this book does not help you learn and understand  more about WooCommerce development and modifications, let me know and I’ll give you a complete refund. No argument. No risk. No questions asked. 100% guaranteed. You can reach out to me at ian@hardworkingnerd.com.

Have other questions? Contact me at ian@hardworkingnerd.com, I’ll be happy to answer.

Who wrote the book?
I’m Ian Preston and I’m the author of hardworkingnerd.com. I’m based in the UK.

I got my first coding job in 1999 and I’ve been a full-time developer ever since, I have worked for major clients in the utility, hospitality and leisure sectors and have worked on multiple front and back end projects.

I enjoy creating programs and functionality that help people to get things done. I also enjoy writing and like to try and create content that explains things in an accessible and easy manner.

I first started looking at WooCommerce development in 2017, I wrote this book with aim of helping others learn about and modify WooCommerce sites both for others and themselves.

I’ve published dozens of posts on my blog and a free email course for people looking to learn WooCommerce development.

As my with my other writing you can expect the following from this book:

Simple and clear language you can understand
Concrete examples which help you see how to make changes to WooCommerce stores
Succinctness so you can quickly understand what you need to make changes today and in the future